Top Places to Date Trans people in Lisbon : Trendy places, Bars & Clubs

Relocating to an unknown area can pose challenges in meeting new people. Exploring Lisbon’s vibrant scene can be an excellent approach for those seeking transsexual connections for love, casual encounters, or romance. The city boasts an array of trendy bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to the LGBTQ community. However, for individuals who prefer not to venture out or are more introverted, online dating platforms offer a convenient alternative to establish connections for friendship, intimacy, or long-term relationships within Lisbon’s diverse community.

Local networks to meet trans people in Lisbon

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Top 15 places to Meet Transsexual Woman in Lisbon

Finalmente Club

This place has been around since 1976, providing queer nightlife to its customers. Although it is small, it is home to many LGBTQ people in Lisbon. There are lip-sync performances and nice drinks.

R. Da Palmeira 38, 1200-313 Lisbon, Portugal


This iconic gay bar offers unique then and music to their customers. It is a top destination for gays, queer, and third-sex members who want to have a good time in Lisbon. They have DJs who provide good music till the daybreak.

1200 242, R.das Salgaderiras 28, Lisbon, Portugal

Bar Tr3S

This is a classic Portuguese lesbian bar that welcomes everybody. This bar serves different European cuisines and drinks. The security is great and you will enjoy witnessing many dancing competitions at night.

R. Ruben A Leitao 2A, 1300-392 Lisbon, Portugal


Trumps is one of Lisbon’s oldest LGBT clubs. It is close to the Principe Real and offers exclusive service to customers. The Saturday nights, drag queen nights and dance music are their major attractions.

R. Da imprensa Nacional 104B, 1259-127, Lisbon, Portugal

Woof X

Woof X has been serving the trans community in Lisbon for many years. This is an ideal place where you can find parties in and interesting gatherings. You will love the outdoor terrace where you can drink and chat with other people.

R. Manuel Bernades 2b,1200-252, Lisbon, Portugal

Drag Taste

This bar offers numerous cocktails for its customers in a friendly environment. It is open by 1 and the in-house DJ will play music till the next day. You can sit outside and mingle with transsexual women of your choice.

Rua Do Grilo 113,1950-145 Lisbon, Portugal

Gay bar 106

This is a gay bar that is committed to entertaining its gay customers. The music is good, and their meals are affordable. Their staff are transsexual, so you will feel at home at this trendy place.

R. De Sao Marcal 106 108 1200-422, Lisbon, Portugal


This nice gay bar was founded in 1991 and is open to everybody irrespective of sexual orientation. It is an incredibly gay-friendly club where major DJs across Lisbon come to play.

Av. Infante D, Henrique a Sta Apolonia Cais de Pedra, Armazem A, 1950-376, Lisbon, Portugal

Portas Largas

Portas is a classy LGBT-inspired bar that serves its customers well. This is an excellent place to relax after work. You can listen to their music and wait for transsexuals who usually visit this place in the evening.

Rua Da Atalaia 105 Bairro Alto, 1200, Lisbon 1200-038 Portugal

Shelter Bar

This is a bear bar in Lisbon which is known for its rich gay culture. The shelter bar doesn’t discriminate in sexuality and provides a 2-for-1 happy hour. If you love old-school music and need a serene transgender bar in Lisbon, this is a good place to go.

R. Da Palmeira 43 A 1200-312 Lisbon, Portugal

Drako. club

This is the perfect bar for those who want to have a nice time with transsexuals in Lisbon. It is an often busy place filled with lots of activities. Their drinks are great and you will enjoy their hospitality.

R. Nogueira e Sousa 11,1150-211 Lisbon, Portugal

Construction Lisbon

This is a small classy place to have fun in the city. Weekends are usually full as there are many dance music and playhouses available. They host many parties and social events for their customers.

R. Cecillo De Sousa 84, 1200-102 Lisbon, Portugal

Bairru’s Bodega

This place is known for its excellent Afro beat and hip-hop music. There is a general bar and private areas where you have fun. There is a parking space and there is also free Wi-Fi for customers. You will get to meet many pretty ladyboys, shemales, and Asian transvestite at this location.

R. Da Barroca 3,1200-047 Lisbon, Portugal

Bar Cru

Bar Cru is a classic gay bar in Lisbon. It is in the center of the city and offers nice services. You can sit inside or by the terraces. Many LGBTQ members come around, especially in the evenings.

R. De Săo Marçal 170,1200-423 Lisbon, Portugal

XXL Lisbon Club

This gay club has been making waves in recent times due to its great services. This club has a nice dance floor, a mezzanine level, and private rooms for different social events.

Calçada do Tijolo 8,1200-408 Lisbon, Portugal

Where to meet a transsexual woman in Lisbon?

When you are in Lisbon, you shouldn’t be alone and find various avenues to meet new people. Going to different spots offers you a good chance of finding mature and pretty transsexual women. The places you can meet transsexuals in Lisbon are bars, restaurants, and lounges. Depending on your personality there are loud bars and there are modest ones you could visit to have a nice time.

These bars provide nice meals, great customer service, and security. Weekends are usually the best time to visit these trendy bars in Lisbon because you will find many LGBTQ members during this period. It is also better if you register with the top trans dating sites to have better chances of meeting new people.

Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

Moving around a new city can be a good idea when seeking new friends and lovers. You will get to interact more with like-minded people to make yourself happy and keep you occupied.

Many transsexual women in Lisbon are waiting for you at different bars, lounges, and clubs in Lisbon. But if you really want a transsexual woman in Lisbon for sex, one-night stands or love, dating sites are faster and more efficient.

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